Civil War Buttons - US Central Government & Militia Buttons

Civil War Relics including Civil War Buttons, Buckles, Confederate Buttons, Union Buttons, Revolutionary War Buttons, War of 1812 Buttons, Pre Civil War Buttons, etc.

3a. R & W Robinson Early Staff Coat Button Jeweler Chased
3b. Non Dug Union Regulation Patent 1862 Eagle Cape Clasp
*New* 3c. Civil War Dragoon Eagle D Coat Button Beautiful Uncleaned Patina
3e. Civil War Federal Government Revenue Cutter Service Coat Button
3g. Dug Civil War Eagle Coat & Cuff Buttons From Union Camps in Virginia
3h. Gilt Civil War D. Evan's Navy Officer's Overcoat Button
3j. Horstmann Non Dug Civil War Staff Officer Coat Button
3k. Fine Non Dug Gilted Civil War Navy Coat Button
3n. Fine Non Dug Patent 1862 Civil War Eagle Cape or Shawl Button
3o. Non Dug Civil War Federal Gilt Brass Staff Officer Coat Button
3q. Rare Non Dug Topographical Engineers TE Cuff Button
3r. Nice Gilt Brass Non Dug Union Civil War Engineer Coat Button
3u. Civil War Non Dug Infantry Overcoat Button
3w. Non Dug Union Civil War Infantry Coat Button
3z.Non Dug Civil War Marine Corps Shell Jacket Button Gilt Brass 16 mm's

3abc Evans Non Dug Civil War Staff Officer Coat Button
3ac. Civil War Scovill Navy Overcoat Button
*New* 3ae. Non Dug Union Civil War Engineers Coat Button Scovill Bacmark
3af. Dug Civil War Goodyears 1851 Hard Rubber Navy Overcoat Button
3ah. Patent 1862 Eagle Cape Clasp
3ai. Giant Josh Starkey Civil War Navy Overcoat Button
3aj. Dug 1840's Cuff Ordnance Staff Button
*Sold* 3am. Sweet Dug 1-Piece Navy Coat Button With Great Gold & Its Shank

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