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Keemakoos Civil War Relics & Antiques

*Sold* 5/30 - Large Cast Pewter USA Intertwined Revolutionary War Overcoat Button
*Sold* Beautiful South Carolina State Seal Shoulder Belt Plate c.1845-1861
7/5 - Beautiful 1-Piece 1840 Harrison Log Cabin Presidential Campaign Coat Button
*Sold* 7/5 - Civil War Mintzer Backmarked Pennsylvania National Guard Coat Button
7/5 - Non Dug 1-Piece Massachusetts General Service Coat Button c.1828-34
*Sold* 7/5 - Sweet Civil War Mintzer RMDC Backmarked Pennsylvania National Guard Coat Button
*Sold* 7/5 - Beautiful Non Dug Civil War New Hampshire State Seal Coat Button RMDC Backmark
7/5 - 1-Piece 83rd Pa & 18th Mass Cast White Metal Droop Wing Eagle Coat Button
*Sold* 7/5 - Civil War SNY Buckle On Its Original Maker Marked Leather Belt
*Sold* 7/5 - Beautiful Early Civil War Regulation Officer's m1851 Eagle Sword Buckle & Belt
7/5 - Civil War NCO m1851 Applied Wreath Eagle Sword Buckle On Original Leather Belt
7/5 - Confederate Civil War H T & B Manchester Staff Officer's Coat Button
7/5 - Civil War Dragoon Eagle D Coat Button Beautiful Uncleaned Patina
7/5 - Vt. Militia Artillery Eagle on Cannon with Flag 1-Piece Gilt Brass Coat Button
*Sold* 7/5 - Beautiful Uncleaned NCO M-1851 Eagle Sword Buckle Applied Silver Wreath
7/5 - Beautiful Gilt Brass Connecticut Staff Officers Civil War Coat Button
*Sold* 7/5 - Brooklyn New York Tompkins Blues Civil War Coat Button
*Sold* 7/5 - Non Dug Union Civil War Engineers Coat Button Scovill Bacmark
7/5 - Beautiful Dug Cast Pewter Navy Lieutenant Revolutionary War Overcoat Button
7/5 - Dug Puppy Paw Civil War SNY Belt Buckle Battle Of Manassas
*Sold* 7/5 - Fantastic c.1790 Double Ogee Broken Pontil Lead Glass Rummer

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