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Keemakoos Civil War Relics & Antiques

*Sold* 5/12 - Civil War 83rd Pennsylvania Zouaves Cast White Metal Eagle Coat Button
5/12 - Pre Civil War Worcester City Guards C G 1840 Coat Button MS 100 in Alberts
5/12 - Civil War New Hampshire State Seal Volunteer Militia Coat Button
*Sold* 5/12 - Civil War Identification Stencil for M. L. Plummer Co. C. 19th Maine Regiment
*Sold* 5/12 - Union Rifleman's Civil War Eagle R Overcoat Button
*Sold* 5/29 - Union Civil War Rifleman Coat Button W . B. Co. RMDC Backmark
5/12 - Union Civil War Rhode Island State Seal Volunteer Militia Staff Coat Button
5/29 - Civil War Revenue Cutter Service or Revenue Marine Coat Button
*Sold* 5/29 - New Jersey Civil War Volunteer Militia State Seal Staff Cuff Button
5/13 - Non Dug Virginia Militia Civil War State Seal Staff Coat Button VA261 C.4 Tice
*Sold* - 5/31 - Non Dug Low Convex Pre Civil War Virginia Coat Button VA206 B.2 in Tice
*Sold* 5/12 - 1830's Large Silver Plated Copper Eagle Flags & Cannons Militia Hat Plate
5/29 - Dug Revolutionary War American Artillery Officer's Sheet Copper Coat Button
5/31 - Boston City Guards Civil War Coat Button MS232 in Tice MS 57 in Albert's
*Sold* 5/31 - Dug Civil War Confederate 1-Piece CS Eagle Army Officer Coat Button Tice CS233
5/13 - 1820's 1-Piece Artillery Militia Coat Button AY 59 in Albert's Button Book
5/31 - Pre Civil War Rifles Militia Hunting Horn & Stars 1-Piece Coat Button
*Sold* 5/31 - Civil War Ulster Guard New York Militia Vest Button NY271 As1. in Tice
5/31 - Pre Civil War 1st Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Coat Button
*Sold* 5/31 - Civil War Pa 83rd Regiment French Chasseur Cast White Metal Coat Button
5/31 - Civil War 4th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Coat Button
5/31 - Pre Civil War New England Guards NEG Coat Button R & W Robinson Eagle Backmark
5/31 - Civil War Ulster Guard New York Militia Coat Button Tice NY271 A.1 Alberts NY 89

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5/31 - Rare Massachusetts Coast Guard 1861 Civil War Coat Button Albert's MS 43
*Sold* 5/12 - Civil War Eagle I Coat Button W. G. Mintzer. * Phild. * Backmark
5/12 - Rare Applied Eagles & Scroll Work High Ranking Civil War Officers Sword Buckle
5/12 - Civil War Pennsylvania State Seal Volunteer Militia Staff Coat Button
5/31 - Pre Civil War Gilt Brass 1-Piece Navy Coat Button NA 62E. in Albert's Book
5/31 - Confederate Civil War Virginia State Seal Coat Button RMDC Backmark
5/31 - Beautiful Dug Confederate Army Officer's Eagle With Wreath Coat Button CS284A1.
5/31 - Confederate Old English C Cavalry Coat Button Willm Bird & Co. Backmark
5/31 - Pre Civil War 1-Piece Maine Militia 6-Point Star Coat Button ME 4D in Albert's
*Sold* 5/31 - Awesome Civil War Identification Stencil H. H. Lutz. Co. I. 7th Pa. Cavalry
5/31 - Unlisted 1848 Zachary Taylor Presidential Campaign The Hero of Monterey Button
5/31 - 1848 Zachary Taylor Rough & Ready Presidential Coat Button Hero of Monterey
5/31 - Civil War Pennsylvania National Guard Staff Coat Button RMDC Mintzer Backmark
5/31 - Old English RLG Civil War Richardson Light Guard Coat Button
5/31- Civil War Ordnance Department Gilt Brass Cuff Button It is ORD215 As.8. in Tice
*Sold* 5/31 - Confederate Civil War Maryland State Seal Staff Cuff Button